Kindergarten School Supply List

Kindergarten School Supply List
Posted on 08/30/2021
Kindergarten School Supplies


No Shared Items Please, all items will be stored in an individual bin.

-Play-Doh 2 containers each
-dry erase markers 1 pack each
-2 glue sticks preferably large -1 Package of Pencils
-1 box Kleenex
-1 pair of child size scissors
-2 packages of Crayola crayons size 24 or larger
-2 boxes of crayola washable colored markers (not fine tip)
-1 pair headphones ~ No ear buds please, these are for the children to use daily.
 -1 eraser
-1 bottle of white kids craft glue
-2 reusable masks, (not mandatory)
-Backpack – Large and easy to open
-Indoor and Outdoor Velcro shoes   (No laces please)---Lunch kit and containers all labelled
-Change of clothes labelled in a Ziplock bag or reusable bag

****Please label ALL belongings for your child.  All items will only be used by your child and therefore we do not want items to become mixed up.