School Supply List for 1/2 Class and Grade 2 Class

School Supply List for 1 Class and Grade 2/3 Class
Posted on 08/30/2021
School Supplies

Grade 1 and Grade 2/3

-indoor running shoes (for phys.ed., none marking)
- school bag
-lunch kit and re-usable water bottle
- children scissors
-2 boxes of Kleenex
-1 glue stick
- markers
- 1 pkg. of Highlighters
-box of crayons
-3 large glue sticks
-Play Doh
-headphones for technology (in labeled Ziploc bag)
- box of large Ziplock bags and medium Ziplock bags
-4 coloured pocket folders (red, blue, yellow, green)
-1 deck of playing cards
-1 set of dice
-change of clothes that can remain at school (for emergency purposes)
- 2 masks per day